UNAMID launches “No Child Soldiers – Protect Darfur” campaign in Mournei camp for displaced persons, West Darfur

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UNAMID photo.

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1 Mar 2017

UNAMID launches “No Child Soldiers – Protect Darfur” campaign in Mournei camp for displaced persons, West Darfur

On 21 February 2017, UNAMID’s Child Protection Unit (CPU), launched a campaign to raise awareness on the need to end the recruitment and use of child soldiers by armed forces and groups in Mournei camp for the displaced, West Darfur.

The campaign falls under the theme “No Child Soldiers – Protect Darfur,” and is part of UNAMID’s ongoing drive aimed at preventing children from becoming a part of armed conflict across Darfur.

Some 68 participants from the camp attended the event, including women and youth groups, children and community leaders.

As part of an awareness-raising session, Child Protection Officers from the Mission briefed the displaced community about the seriousness of violating children’s rights. Community members were urged to discourage children below 18 years from enlisting into armed forces, armed groups or participating in inter-communal clashes.  Furthermore, they were sensitized on the need to report any forms of abuse or violation of child rights to child protection officers and local authorities for investigation.

Additionally, jackets with messages that promote the protection of children and discourage the recruitment of children into armed groups and armed forces, as well as copies of the definition of a child soldier, according to the Paris Principles of 2007, in Arabic, were distributed.

“Poverty is one of the key drivers of child recruitment into armed forces or armed groups in Darfur,” said Zeinab Ahmed Haroun, speaking on behalf of women in the camp. She further raised concerns about the increasing number of street children in the camp and noted that this cannot be adequately addressed in the absence of the INGOs in their community. Her concerns were echoed by Bedur Mohammed, a youth leader and teacher at the camp, who appealed to UNAMID to advocate for the return of international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) in the area, in order to support the provision of humanitarian assistance, which, he said, has not been forthcoming in the past eight months.

“This campaign aims to ensure that children are afforded an opportunity to grow and attend school,” stated Amna Adam, Child Protection Officer, UNAMID Sector West.

UNAMID CPU plans to introduce similar campaigns at all displaced persons camps and among conflict-affected communities in West Darfur.