• Darfur team's ordnance education device wins top UN Award

    A project that aims to educate people in remote areas of Darfur about the dangers of explosive remnants of war has been awarded a UN prize for innovation and creativity.The solar powered Risk Education Talking Device (RETD) will contain multiple pre-recorded audios such as songs, interviews and messages, and is designed to benefit people who may not be able to read or who live in areas that lack electricity.The device, which looks like a mobile phone, was created by the Ordnance Disposal Office at the joint UN-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).It is one of four projects from the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) to receive the 2017 UN Secretary-General Awards.Setyo Budi has been speaking to Jeffrey McMurdo and Abel Tesfai from the UNAMID Ordnance Disposal Office.Mr McMurdo began by explaining why the device is needed.

  • Voice of Children, Vol 1.12, January 2018: The importance of mothers in child development.

    This programme is about how important is the role of mother in child development. The role of a mother in child development will greatly influence social, emotional and overall development in the region.