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  • UNAMID-organized footbal match at Abu Shouk camp, North Darfur
  • UNAMID-organized camel race in  Ed Alfirsan, South Darfur
  • UNAMID free medical clinic at Ardamata camp, West Darfur
  • UNAMID trains female journalists on safety in conflict zones, in El Fasher, North Darfur
  • AU delegation meeting with the displaced at North camp in Nertiti, Central Darfur
  • UNAMID-organized debate on peace and development at El Fasher University
  • AU delegation visits El Fasher, North Darfur
  • UNAMID Joint Special Representative at peace conference in El Geneina, West Darfur
  • UNAMID Chinese engineers remove broken-down grader in El Daein, East Darfur
  • UNAMID supports cessation of hostility agreement between Salamat and Habaniya communities in South Darfur
  • UNAMID conducts assessment of Community-based Labour-intensive Projects in Central Darfur
  • UNAMID peacekeepers build  barrier wall to protect main road at Ardamata valley, West Darfur
  • UNAMID JSR visits El Daien, East Darfur
  • UNAMID's DJSR launches community stabilization projects in Shattaya, South Darfur
  • UNAMID-organized debate on peace and development in Nyala University, South Darfur
  • UNAMID peacekeepers protecting civilians in Sewelinga Village, North Darfur
  • World Press Freedom Day 2017
  • UNAMID hands over new construction of Family and Child Court to state authority in Zalingie, Central Darfur
  • UNAMID hands over work-related materials to community policing volunteers in West Darfur
  • UNAMID-funded training on production of fuel-efficient stoves