Darfur in Transition

While there are many positive signs of recovery and peace emerging across Darfur, the region’s many years of conflict have resulted in hundreds of thousands of people still enduring the hardships of life in temporary camps. The peace process moves steadily forward, but tensions in the region continue to emerge from fierce competition over natural resources, generations-old tribal feuds and clashes between Government forces and armed movements.

Caught in these ongoing conflicts are innocent civilians, the men, women and children of Darfur. Not a single person living in this region has been untouched in some way by the conflict here. While the situation on the ground has improved in many ways since the beginning of the clashes more than one decade ago, violence in some parts of Darfur has escalated, presenting a challenge for the people of Darfur.

Peace in Darfur remains an interest shared by everybody—including Sudan, the international community and, above all, the longsuffering people of Darfur. In this context, as this book illustrates, the African Union - United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has been working toward its mandate-driven objectives of protecting civilians, facilitating humanitarian assistance and supporting the peace process.

This book consists of a series of photos designed to highlight the current situation in Darfur, especially the transformation from conflict to recovery. The book visually explores aspects of the region to tell the story of Darfur’s people as they continue to face the dire effects of the ongoing conflict while at the same time struggling to move slowly but steadily toward a future of peace and prosperity.

Consistent with the themes of transitions and transformations, the book is divided into sections to reflect three of Darfur’s present realities: a persisting conflict, a movement toward recovery and signs of normal life. This book is a tribute to those who have paid the ultimate price in this journey to peace, to those who have been suffering and to those who will one day be able to return to their chosen homes. Above all, it is a tribute to all Darfuris and to all those who want to live in peace.

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