UNAMID Facilitates Government of Sudan Reconciliation Visit to Abu Karinka, East Darfur

2 Sep 2015

UNAMID Facilitates Government of Sudan Reconciliation Visit to Abu Karinka, East Darfur

UNAMID facilitated the travel of a Government of Sudan delegation comprised of senior officials including the Federal Social Welfare Minister, the Wali (Governor) of East Darfur, the HAC Commissioner, the Head of El Zakat (Alms) Chamber, the Minister of Social Welfare, East Darfur, the Head of Health Insurance, the Saving Bank Manager and the Chairperson, Social Studies Center, to Abu Karinka, East Darfur. The visit was part of the Sudanese government’s efforts to mitigate tensions between the Reziegat and Ma’alia tribes in East Darfur. The delegation was accompanied by senior staff from UNAMID’s Civil Affairs Section and the United Nations Department of Safety and Security. The Mission provided a special flight and ground protection for the delegation.

The delegation was received by the Locality Commissioner, Abu Karinka, the Ma’alia native administration leaders and representatives of the local communities, including the Hakamat (praise Singers).

In the ensuing discussions, Ma’alia representatives highlighted the loss of lives and property due to frequent clashes between the two tribes and said that they had requested the GoS to take action on issues of land ownership in the area during recent meetings held in Khartoum. They also requested the Mission’s support in constructing an office for the Ma’alia native administration or a traditional court in Abu Karinka.

Concerns about basic health care and educational services in the area were raised by representatives of the women’s union, while the Federal Minister for Social Welfare, in her speech, focused on the need for social peace as well as the importance of peaceful coexistence between the two tribes.

On his part, the Wali spoke about government priorities which included peace building and security for all through development projects.
All Parties agreed that regular visits of the sort would undoubtedly have a positive impact in promoting peaceful and cooperative relations between both the Ma’alia and the Reziegat.

UNAMID reaffirms its constant commitment to extend all forms of support to the Government of Sudan in its endeavors to mitigate and resolve intercommunal conflict in Darfur, within the Mission’s capability and in accordance with its Mandate.