UNAMID DJSR Mamabolo concludes two-days visit to Sector West

Photo by Muntasir Sharafadin, UNAMID.

7 Sep 2016

UNAMID DJSR Mamabolo concludes two-days visit to Sector West

On 31 August. 2016, UNAMID Deputy Joint Special Representative (DJSR-Political), Mr. Jeremiah Kingsley Mamabolo, concluded his two-day visit to Sector West, where he met state and community leaders and participated in a retreat organized by the Mission’s Human Rights Section.

Upon his arrival in El Geneina, Mr. Mamabolo paid a courtesy call on the Wali (Governor) of West Darfur, Mr. Fadul El-Mula El-Hija, where the Wali commended UNAMID for its continued support to achievement of peace and security in the state. “We ask UNAMID to continue its support to the local government as it strives for peace and social cohesion within its community. This work requires concerted efforts from both parties and can be achieved also through the provision of more services to IDPs,” the Wali explained.

In his response, DJSR Mamabolo affirmed UNAMID continued support to its core mandate of protection of civilians in Darfur. “We commend the existing good relations between UNAMID, local government and traditional leaders, which go a long way in assisting the Mission to fulfil its mandate in Sector West. We sincerely hope that this high level of cooperation will continue with the new state leadership. UNAMID will continue to provide support to joint programs. We urge the new leadership to make every effort to ensure that the peace conference scheduled to be held in the state, becomes a reality, as this will go a long way in achieving sustainable peace in West Darfur. UNAMID also commends the great strides made by the state towards achieving the existent level of stability in the region, through intervening in community conflict and mitigating inter-communal violence,” DJSR Mamabolo added.

As part of his visit, Mr. Mamabolo also interacted with the Deputy Sultan of Dar Massaleet, Prince Assad Abdurrahman Bahreldin, who briefed him on native administrative issues. Mr. Bahereldin expressed his appreciation for UNAMID’s support to the native administration and the peace process. The Deputy Sultan explained the issue of traditional settlement regarding murder cases’ (Diat) amongst tribes, and the local norms observed when resolving such issues. In this regard, DJSR. Mamabolo expressed his appreciation for the role played by traditional leaders in the mitigation of conflicts and in the protection of crops, activities that UNAMID encourages and supports as part of its mandate.

Addressing the opening of the three-day Human Rights Strategic Planning Retreat at the UNAMID Sector West Headquarters on 30 August, DJSR Mamabolo underscored the fact that collaborating with other stakeholders is key to fostering better understanding of the Human Rights Section’s mandate, as this will indeed maximize prospects of receiving support for its activities and optimize the impact of its work.

“At this juncture, I would like to reiterate that the critical role of the Human Rights Section in Darfur, cannot be stressed enough. Your work in terms of human rights monitoring, documenting, reporting, advocacy, institution and capacity-building work is integral to fulfilling  the Mission’s overall substantive work, whether it is in the peace process, protection of civilians, humanitarian responses or in our recovery and reconstruction initiatives” Mr. Mamabolo said.

In her remarks, UNAMID Chief Human Rights Section, Ms. Isha Dyfan, indicated that the retreat was aimed at reviewing the Section’s work plan in light of the new United Nations Security Council’s mandate. “Through this retreat, we want to look at and see if our mission or vision which we created is still relevant in terms of changing circumstances that have taken place. It is a planning process, it is a team building process, and we hope to work with our partners within and outside the Mission, so that we will be able to convey our objectives and the outcomes that we wish for the people of Darfur”, Ms. Dyfan concluded.

The DJSR also interacted with UNAMID SW Substantive Team Leaders in the presence of the UNAMID Officer-in-Charge of its Office in Sector West, Mr. Rommel Dela Rosa and discussed mandate implementation issues.

The DJSR have also met with Mahada and Awlad Janoub tribal leaders and discussed their role in solving inter-communal conflicts in the area. The tribal leaders expressed their willingness to resolve disputes amicably, in support of stability in the area. During this meeting, Mr. Mamabolo stressed UNAMID’s commitment to do all it can to strengthen social cohesion and support the peace process in the state.