UNAMID Conducts Peace Workshop for Central Darfur Women

22 Apr 2015

UNAMID Conducts Peace Workshop for Central Darfur Women

On 22 April 2015, UNAMID’s Communications and Public Information Section (CPIS) in Central Darfur, in collaboration with the Gender Advisory Unit (GAU) and UNAMID Police Gender Office organized a peace workshop for women’s groups in Zalingei.

The event, which took place at the Mission’s headquarters in Zalingei, was aimed at promoting dialogue between women at all levels, especially at the grassroots, and highlighting their importance in the ongoing peace process in Darfur, while, at the same time, increasing confidence in the Mission’s mandate. 

Fifty women from the local community, including the displaced, along with UNAMID staff, deliberated on women’s contribution to peace, peaceful coexistence and reconciliation and how Darfuri women can positively influence conflicting parties to come together in a constructive dialogue so as to achieve sustainable peace across the region. 

In the course of the discussions, participants acknowledged UNAMID’s contributions to capacity-building programmes for women which, they said, have allowed women to be actively involved in peace-related discussions while making them more aware of their rights, and raised concerns on the lack of basic schools and health facilities in the camps for the displaced. They also called on the Mission to facilitate the establishment of women’s development centers and to help empower them financially through training in income-generating skills.