Nertiti – Golo road officially opened

Photo by Setyo Budi, UNAMID.

Photo by Setyo Budi, UNAMID.

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23 Oct 2018

Nertiti – Golo road officially opened

23 October 2018– UNAMID Deputy Joint Special Representative, Anita Gbeho, last week officially inaugurated the rehabilitated the road that links Golo to Nertiti in Central Darfur, as part of the Mission’s continued efforts to support local communities and improve infrastructure in the Darfur region.

The road is strategic as it will facilitate movement and trade among communities in and around the area, thereby promoting peace.

“If you are going to have peace you have to talk, and infrastructure such as this facilitates people to speak,” said Ms. Gbeho during the inauguration ceremony.

The 84-kilometer road project was established and rehabilitated by the Pakistan Engineering Company serving with UNAMID. The company completed the project over a 71-day period, well ahead of the scheduled 110 days, despite challenges such as the insecurity, rough mountainous terrain, tough weather conditions and difficulties sourcing materials.

The Government of Sudan thanked UNAMID for rehabilitating the road, as it would help communities to transport agricultural produce from surrounding areas and boost the local economy.

“The road reconstruction will develop the people, it will connect the people in the area,” said Modather Omar Adam, the Minister of Urban Planning of Government of Sudan.

The venture is of significance to UNAMID, as it is one of the first infrastructure projects in the Central Jebel Marra area. Other benefits of the road include reducing travel time from 10 hours to about four hours.

“Reconstructing the road would not be possible if there was no peace in the area. By implementing a project such as this, we are showing Darfuris and the world that peace is possible,” Ms. Gbeho said.

Captain Ghafoor from the Pakistan Engineering Company added that the road would help to bring prosperity to Golo through increased trade.

The Mission is also rehabilitating the road from Golo to Rockero in the same area.