Bangladeshi Formed Police Unit completes rotation

1 Dec 2008

Bangladeshi Formed Police Unit completes rotation

24 November 2008 -- A second 70-strong team of the Bangladeshi Formed Police Unit (FPU1) that is replacing the current Bangladeshi FPU as part of the normal rotation process, arrived today in Nyala from Dhaka onboard a UN-chartered aircraft.

The other half of the team arrived in Nyala yesterday.

The incoming FPU will replace BANFPU1 -- the first FPU deployed to Darfur -- which has completed a 1-year tour of duty with UNAMID and is due for repatriation.

UNAMID FPU's have received specialized training in high risk operations for the protection of civilians in imminent danger and are to operate within strict internationally accepted standards on the use of proportionate force in crowd control.