8 April 2008 -- UNAMID Intensifies Political Dialogue with Sudan Government

1 Dec 2008

8 April 2008 -- UNAMID Intensifies Political Dialogue with Sudan Government

UNAMID Press Release No. 24
8 April 2008

UNAMID Intensifies Political Dialogue with Sudan Government
to Ensure Security and Protection of Civilians Remain Top Priority

Khartoum, Sudan - Joint Special Representative of the UN / AU Mission in Darfur, Rodolphe Adada, held a series of high-level talks with Sudanese officials, in the course of the last two days, to coordinate activities and maintain the momentum of processes that aim at creating a stable atmosphere conducive of meaningful peace talks and better security on the ground.

This morning, Adada held talks with Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deng Alor. Discussions revolved around the status of deployment of the UNAMID troops. The coming two months are expected to witness the deployment of additional military personnel from Egypt and Ethiopia. Equipment for the Egyptian troops has already arrived and is being transported to designated locations in Darfur. An advanced force of approximately 90 is already on the ground, and the remaining troops should follow soon.

Adada explained to the Foreign Minister that UNAMID is providing the necessary infrastructure and logistical arrangements for effective deployment in Darfur. UNAMID engineers, administrators and logisticians are working full force to ensure that plans are implemented in an efficient and timely manner.

Adada and Alor also discussed issues related to normalization between Chad and Sudan, within the context of the Dakar Agreement. A meeting to follow-up on the implementation of the agreement is due to take place in Libreville, Gabon, on 10 April 2008.

Adada was requested by UN Secretary General to attend the Libreville meeting, as observer. He said, “The Secretary General attaches great importance to normalization between Chad and Sudan, which has a direct impact over security and stability in Darfur and the entire region. It is crucial that the two countries remain steadfast in their resolve to restore peace and stability along their shared border.”

During the course of his visit to New York, Adada is also expected, on 22 April 2008, to deliver to the Security Council a Ninety-Day report on progress made by UNAMID in the implementation of its mandate.

A meeting with Senior Assistant to the President and SLM/A leader, Minni Minnawi, took place in the afternoon. Discussions between Adada and Minnawi revolved around UNAMID’s role in the implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA), with special emphasis on aspects related to security arrangements

According to Security Council Resolution 1769, and the Report of the UN Secretary General and AU Commission Chairperson of 5 June 2007, UNAMID is mandated to “To support and monitor the implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement and any subsequent agreements.”

In this context, the Joint Special Representative briefed Minnawi on the outcome of a UNAMID Experts Brainstorming Session that took place last week on the Mission’s role vis a vis the implementation of the DPA. The sessions were designed to identify functional fast-tracks to the implementation of aspects of the peace agreement that could bring better stability and security to the civilian population.

In a meeting, yesterday, with Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie, Assistant to the President in Charge of the Darfur file, Adada discussed with Nafie issues related to UNAMID activities on the ground, including aspects related to the implementation of the DPA.

Adada emphasized the importance of working towards improved security and stability in Darfur in order to create an environment conducive of fruitful peace negotiations. Both parties exchanged views on means to engage the people of Darfur, including signatory and non-signatory parties in a constructive dialogue that aims at bringing sustainable peace to all.

It is worth noting that the Joint Special Representative for Darfur is expected to fly to New York, in the course of the coming week, to participate in a joint meeting between the UN Security Council and the AU Peace and Security Council on Africa, on 17 April 2008. The meeting, which is the brain-child of South Africa, who presides over the UN Security Council during the month of April, is intended to discuss a number of African issues, including Darfur.

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