29 March 2008 - Adada Holds Talks with Representatives of the World Council of Churches

1 Dec 2008

29 March 2008 - Adada Holds Talks with Representatives of the World Council of Churches

UNAMID Press Release No. 22 
29 March 2008

Adada Holds Talks with Representatives of the World Council of Churches

CPA Partners, Currently Visiting Sudan, Pledge Support to UNAMID Peace Efforts

Khartoum, 28 March 2008 - The UN/AU Joint Special Representative for Darfur, Rodolphe Adada, received in Khartoum, on Friday, a delegation from the Geneva-based World Council of Churches (WCC), currently visiting Sudan.

The delegation led by Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia, the Council’s Secretary-General, comprises a number of key members including WCC Deputy Secretary-General for Africa’s Affairs Rev. Dr Simon Dossou, and Rev. Dr William J. Shaw, president of the US National Baptist Convention.

The Joint Special Representative praised the role played by the World Council of Churches, which uses its moral and spiritual authority to serve the cause of peace and conflict settlement worldwide, especially in Africa.

Adada briefed members of the WCC on the mandate of UNAMID and the challenges facing the mission, particularly in the area of troop deployment. The peace-keeping force is considered largest in the history of UN peace-keeping missions. He said that the improvement of the security situation on the ground will create a climate conducive to the resumption of the peace talks and the realization of comprehensive peace.

Adada shed light on the multi-faceted nature of the Darfur crisis, highlighting aspects relating to the joint operation. He explained that all efforts are now exerted to ensure that additional forces join UNAMID in the near future, thus, impacting positively on overall security and the protection of civilians in the region. Adada also referred to UNAMID’s ongoing efforts to build reliable channels of communication with civil society actors in Darfur. He explained that, by empowering civil society to effectively represent its constituents on the negotiation table, the momentum and durability of the peace process will be strengthened.

For his part, the Council’s Secretary-General expressed readiness to support UNAMID fulfill its mandate and restore security and stability in Darfur, citing the Council’s contributions to humanitarian assistance in the region and the role it played in support of the Naivasha peace process.

He stated that the Council’s current visit to Sudan targets, among other things, acquiring first-hand knowledge of the challenges and difficulties facing the various components of the peace process and progress made in the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Moreover, he expressed the Council's willingness to contribute to the healing and reconciliation process in Darfur.

It is worth noting that the visiting delegation was accompanied by high-level officials representing the Sudanese Council of Churches.

The delegation had met, earlier, with Chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Darfur-Darfur-Consultations, Mr. Abdul Mohammed, and Deputy Head of the Darfur Peace Agreement Implementation team, Mr. Boubou Niang.

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