UNAMID supports the Federal Ministry of Health in combating the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

22 Apr 2020

UNAMID supports the Federal Ministry of Health in combating the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Khartoum, 22 April 2020 – As part of UNAMID’s continuous support to the Government of Sudan in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, UNAMID’s Joint Special Representative /Joint Chief Mediator (JSR/JCM) Jeremiah Mamabolo, gifted  five serviceable 4x4 vehicles, four high-capacity power generators and a refrigerator container unit to the Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Akram Ali Eltom.

The virtual gifting ceremony and press conference – the second of its kind in Sudan – which took place in Khartoum today reflects Mission’s resolve to continue its operational support to the Transitional Government of Sudan (TGoS) in its fight against the New-Coronavirus pandemic as the country, and the rest of the world, are also battling this global menace.

During the virtual handover ceremony, Mr. Mamabolo Commended the arduous efforts exerted by the Federal Ministry of health, the World Health Organisation and the International community in fighting the Pandemic. He also praised the Sudanese doctors, nurses and other health workers for their bravery and sacrifice to save lives.

“Today, as part of our joint partnership with the Government, UNAMID is pleased to handover this gift to the Federal Ministry of Health (MOH), to enhance the Government of Sudan’s preparedness in tackling the potential impact of COVID-19 on the population.” Mr. Mamabolo stated.

“Against this backdrop, I would like to re-echo the Secretary General’s appeal for cessation of hostilities and allow for collaborative effort as the world gears itself to fight this COVID-19 menace, and reiterate my call on all parties to the Sudan conflict to see reason to join the peace process in Juba for a comprehensive agreement that would foster genuine and speedy nation building,” he added.

JSR Mamabolo further extended his appreciation to the Government of Sudan for its continued efforts to respond to the needs of its citizens. He also commended the WHO and other UN Country Team members for their unfettered support to the national authorities in fulfilling its responsibilities towards the people of Sudan.

On his part, the Federal Minister of Health commended UNAMID’s support to his Ministry and the TGoS in their war against the spread COVID-19 and their effort to protect everyone in Sudan from the ravages of the pandemic.

“Today’s contribution from UNAMID is another landmark in the Mission’s endeavor to support us in protecting our population during these critical times where we are working in tandem with the international community to combat COVID-19,” Dr. Akram Ali Eltom stated.

“UNAMID has worked in partnership with us at the federal level and at the state levels to support the Darfuri population over the years and during these difficult times. For that we are grateful,” he added.

“We hope that today’s contribution will be the start of the support we are getting from the AU-UN and other partners and that this support continues as our government continues to scale up its fight against COVID-19 and other epidemics such as Malaria in order to provide the healthcare standards our citizens deserve,” Dr. Eltom concluded.


Note to the Editors:

  1. The Virtual Handover ceremony and Press Conference were held via CCTV from the Mission’s Khartoum Office, Ministry of Health (MoH) press suite and the Ministry’s parking lot where UNAMID drivers, in protective masks and gloves, handed over the keys of the vehicles and other to MoH officials .
  2. Both the Minister and the JSR signed the official handover documents virtually in the presence of media and journalists while maintaining appropriate physical distance throughout the event.
  3. This is the second virtual event to be organised by the Mission.
  4. The first virtual handover ceremony was held on 01 April 2020 during which the Mission handed over vehicles to the Ministry of Agriculture to combat desert locust. it was the first of its kind in the history of UN and AU Peace Operations in Sudan which was inspired by the current global COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
  5. In addition, the Mission has extended various types of support to the local health authorities across its area of operations in Darfur.