UNAMID Organizes Horse Race for Peace in West Darfur

Photo by Muntasir Sharafdin,UNAMID.

16 Jun 2015

UNAMID Organizes Horse Race for Peace in West Darfur

On 12 June 2015, more than 3,000 people from different localities in West Darfur came together for a day-long horse race organized by UNAMID in collaboration with the West Darfur State Equestrian Club and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Youth and Sports, West Darfur.

The event, held under the theme, Darfur: Riding toward Peace,” was also attended by the recently appointed Federal Minister of Youth and Sport, Mr. Haider Galikoma Ateem, who was also the former Wali (Governor) of West Darfur, government officials, community leaders and UNAMID staff.

Addressing the audience at the Umdween Race Course on the occasion, the Chairman of the West Darfur Equestrian Club, Mr. Musa Umbelo, expressed profound gratitude to UNAMID for sponsoring the event. “The annual derby is considered to be an important event that goes a long way in mending the social fabric torn by the ongoing conflict in Darfur as it engages different tribes in sport,” he said, adding that this is the second time UNAMID has sponsored the annual race in West Darfur.

On his part, Mr. Galikoma called upon the assembled gathering to maintain social cohesion and stability in the region. “Equestrian activities have contributed greatly to building bridges among different tribes and communities in West Darfur,” he added.

The race saw participation from competing horses drawn from across North, South, Central and West Darfur. The winning horses and participating jockeys were presented with UNAMID branded trophies as well as special prizes incorporating the Mission’s peace messages.