UNAMID hosts peaceful coexistence workshop in East Darfur

Photo by Adam Abdelwahab, UNAMID.

4 Jun 2018

UNAMID hosts peaceful coexistence workshop in East Darfur

On 29 May 2018, UNAMID’s Governance and Community Stabilization Section in collaboration with Bahr el Arab Locality, East Darfur, conducted a one-day community sensitization workshop at Abu Matariq area to promote the historical peaceful co-existence between nomads and their Dinka Malwal counterparts from the Republic of South Sudan.

Some 67 participants, including women and youth, Native Administration, members of the legislative council as well as Government officials from East Darfur State attended the workshop. During the workshop, members discussed the importance of securing water sources in the locality for their animals, education for their children as well as other alternate livelihood opportunities.

Participants called for the rehabilitation of existing water points in the locality where they could store water during the rainy season for use in the dry season and yearned for protection against border related threats. They also requested UNAMID to assist in devising a nomad-friendly education system, like boarding schools for their children and urged the United Nations to consider supporting the operations of the Joint Rural Courts in Sudan and South Sudan to maintain peace and security in the Samaha general area in support of the mutual livelihood activities between the two countries.

“The formula to the equation of increased animal population, increased farming, shrinking arable land, rest with alternative livelihood opportunities for herders and improved agricultural techniques for the general population”, stated Mr. Mahady Hamoda, a member East Darfur Legislative Council.