UNAMID Head praises East Darfur tribal reconciliation efforts

On 2 December 2013, UNAMID JSR Mohamed Ibn Chambas spoke to the local media after meeting with the East Darfur Deputy Wali (Governor). Photo by Abdulrasheed Yakubu, UNAMID.

3 Dec 2013

UNAMID Head praises East Darfur tribal reconciliation efforts

El Daein, 3 December 2013 - The AU- UN Joint Special Representative (JSR), Mohamed Ibn Chambas, concluded on 3 December a two-day visit to El Daein, East Darfur, where he congratulated the State authorities and the traditional leaders for their work toward a peaceful solution to the conflict between the Rezeigat and the Ma’aliya following violent clashes in August 2013.

“UNAMID was actively engaged with all the authorities at different levels in an effort to facilitate the reconciliation and peace meetings between the two tribes,” Dr. Chambas said. “These meetings curtailed the escalation of further violence.” The JSR called upon all those involved to maintain the peace in East Darfur.

“A military solution is not the answer to bringing lasting peace and stability in Darfur,” the JSR added. “Negotiation, mediation, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence will pave the path to development and empowerment of the Darfuri people.”

During his meeting with Deputy Wali (Governor) of East Darfur, Ahmed Kubur Ibril, members of the East Darfur State Security Committee and members of the Rezeigat tribe, led by Nazir Said Musa Madibo, the Head of UNAMID said that the Mission will continue to engage in mediation between the Government of Sudan and the non-signatory movements and, to the best of his abilities, between different tribal groups.