UNAMID Head conducts first official visit to South Darfur

UNAMID photo.

11 Sep 2017

UNAMID Head conducts first official visit to South Darfur


UNAMID Head conducts first official visit to South Darfur

UNAMID Joint Special Representative (JSR), Jeremiah Mamabolo, recently concluded his first official visit to South Darfur which took place on 7-8 September.

During his two-day visit, JSR Mamabolo met with Sabeel Ahmad Sabeel, Deputy Wali, South Darfur, for a briefing on the security situation in the area. Mr. Sabeel informed the JSR that the security situation in South Darfur is relatively stable currently and that the state government is actively engaged in community stabilization activities. The Deputy Wali also gave an overview of the ongoing arms collection from civilians and requested UNAMID’s assistance in this endeavor. Additionally, he requested the Mission as well as the UN Country Team to continue humanitarian support to vulnerable populations across Darfur, especially with regard to provision of water and healthcare services.

On his part, JSR Mamabolo assured the Deputy Wali of UNAMID’s continued support for the South Darfur State Government.

Additionally, Mr. Mamabolo interacted with the internally displaced persons’ (IDP) leaders at Kalma camp for the displaced; IDP leaders expressed concern on the reduction of UNAMID’s military, police and civilian personnel due to the ongoing reconfiguration and its impact on the displaced Darfuri population.

Isa Mohammed, an IDP leader, spoke at length on grave security issues faced by the displaced community and stressed that the core causes of the ongoing conflict in Darfur still exist.

In turn, JSR Mamabolo informed the gathering that UNAMID’s ongoing reconfiguration  is a way to make the Mission more agile and responsive to the needs of the people it serves in terms of current on-ground realities. He explained that the Mission’s strategic priorities remain the same and it will continue to protect civilians, facilitate access and security for humanitarian actors and work towards ameliorating the root causes of communal conflict.

The JSR also held several internal meetings and toured the Mission’s healthcare facilities at its South Darfur office.