UNAMID hands over Tulus team site to Government of Sudan

Photo by Mutaz Munafal, UNAMID.

17 Oct 2017

UNAMID hands over Tulus team site to Government of Sudan

On 15 October 2017, UNAMID officially handed over its team site in Tulus, South Darfur, to the Government of Sudan. The event took place in Tulus locality, some 80 kilometers south-east of Nyala, and was attended by the Joint Special Representative (JSR), Jeremiah Mamabolo, the Acting Wali (Governor) of South Darfur, Sabeel Ahmed Sabeel, government officials and UNAMID staff.

 Speaking on the occasion, JSR  Mamabolo emphasized that the security situation has improved in parts of Darfur as a result of collaborative efforts by UNAMID and the Government of Sudan, adding that Tulus is one of the areas that has benefited from improved security conditions on the ground.


On his part, Governor Sabeel commended the Mission for its efforts to mediate between armed movements and the Government of Sudan, and its support to reconciliation conferences across South Darfur. Furthermore, he highlighted the Government’s efforts to support voluntary returns in Darfur and thanked the United Nations Country Team for providing humanitarian assistance to populations in need.


The recently adopted UN Security Council Resolution 2363 has led to the ongoing reconfiguration of UNAMID’s operations. This is based on a two-pronged approach, combining peacekeeping and stabilization efforts.  The Resolution also calls for closing 11 team sites across Darfur. Six team sites have already been closed to date. The remaining sites are due to be handed over by end of October 2017.


In line with general UN practices in post-conflict regions, the Mission recommends that the Government of Sudan transform team sites handed to them into facilities that contribute to the overall development of local communities and take into account the wishes of the local population, whenever possible.