UNAMID hands over its Sector Headquarters in East Darfur to El Daien University

1 May 2019

UNAMID hands over its Sector Headquarters in East Darfur to El Daien University

El-Daien, 01 May 2019 – On 30 April 2019, the African Union – United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) concluded the closure and handover of its sector headquarters in El Daien to the State Government of East Darfur.


In line with UNAMID’s insistence that the facilities be used for civilian purposes, the State Government of East Darfur has indicated that the former sector headquarters, together with associated assets, will become an extension of El Daien University, and that the level 1 hospital within the camp will be a health center providing maternity services.


The handover documents, which include an understanding regarding the future use of the premises as well an inventory of related UNAMID assets, were signed for Mission by the Head of Office for Sector East, Mr. Landing Badjie and Director General in the office of the Wali (Governor) Mr. Ismail Adam Abdallah, on behalf of the state. Representatives of the intended beneficiary institutions, Mr. Ali Ibrahim Adam, Director of Health Services and Social Development and Professor Mohammed Ali Elhag Alloba, Vice Chancellor of El Daien University, as well as community representatives from key constituencies in the state signed the documents as witnesses.


In his remarks, UNAMID Chief of Staff, Mr. Luke Mhlaba, who represented the Mission leadership, emphasized the importance of honouring the commitment to use the facilities for civilian purposes, as well as the need for community involvement and transparency in the transfer process.


“In preparation for the handover of UNAMID facilities to the host country authorities, the Mission has conducted extensive consultations with the government of Sudan, state governments and representatives of civil society. All agree and indeed the government has committed to the principle that all such facilities will be used for civilian purposes,” Mr. Mhlaba said.


Mr. Abdallah expressed appreciation to UNAMID for the facilities and pledged to use them for the benefit of the community as outlined in the memorandum of understanding signed by UNAMID and the State Government of East Darfur. He called on the community to work together and expressed hope that the two institutions, namely the University of El Daein and the Ministry of Health, would fully utilize the facilities for the benefit of the people of East Darfur.


Apart from prefabricated buildings on the land, most of which are furnished and include air conditioners, items handed over include motor vehicles, a water treatment facility and power generators.


“The Mission looks forward to the early take over and use of these facilities by El Daien University and the Ministry of Health, so that East Darfur communities can derive the benefits of these assets,” Mr. Mhlaba concluded.


This is the first sector headquarters to be closed and handed over, in line with the second phase of the Mission’s ongoing drawdown, as mandated by United Nations Security Council resolution 2429 of July 2018.