UNAMID does not have any confirmed COVID-19 Cases in South Darfur

23 Mar 2020

UNAMID does not have any confirmed COVID-19 Cases in South Darfur

Khartoum, 23 March 2020- Further to current reports in the news and social media about the existence of 8 suspected cases of COVID-19 amongst its troops in Kass Locality, South Darfur, UNAMID’s Medical Section has categorically dismissed these reports.


The entire military contingent which is subject to these rumours has been under self- quarantine, in accordance with UNAMID’s COVID-19 preparedness measures, recommendations of the Government of Sudan health authorities and in line with the WHO’s recommendations; as set out in UNAMID’s Information Note issued in Arabic and English on 21 March 2020. None of these troops in Kass has tested positive and none is demonstrating any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19). All tests conducted on them produced negative results!


While UNAMID acknowledges that no individual or group is immune to contracting this pandemic, it is however important and critical to issue factual and correct information in order not to confuse the general populace.


 UNAMID’s Joint Special Representative reiterated that: “UNAMID shall continue to abide by Government measures to combat this pandemic, extend all support to the Sudanese health authorities within our capability and mandate and cooperate with the entire UN System in Sudan to fight the spread of the COVID-19.”


“Together we are stronger and more effective in our response. We should not be divided at this moment which requires solidarity compassion and kindness!”, he concluded.