UNAMID is deeply concerned about violent incidents in Kutum town and Fata Borno IDPs camp in North Darfur

14 Jul 2020

UNAMID is deeply concerned about violent incidents in Kutum town and Fata Borno IDPs camp in North Darfur

Zalingei, 14 July 2020-  UNAMID is  deeply concerned about the violent incidents that erupted in Kutum town on 12 July and the attack by unidentified armed men on the Fata Borno IDP Camp on the morning of 13 July 2020 which left 9 IDPs dead and 20 injured. The Mission condemns the loss of life, and injuries and regrets the physical damage to Government buildings and private property caused by such violent acts.

While the farming seasons in Darfur have witnessed such occurrences in the past, it is regrettable that these incidents have taken place while the transitional Government of Sudan and the armed movements are close to concluding negotiations expected to bring peace and stability, and the promise of prosperity to the Darfur region and the whole of Sudan.

The Mission has been working closely with the relevant Sudanese authorities and communities to de-escalate tensions in order to prevent further loss of life. The Mission has further dispatched additional Formed Police Units to the area, intensified patrols in and around the hot spots areas to ensure the safety and protection of the IDPs. The Mission has also been engaging community leaders, urging them and all parties to exercise restraint.

On 13 July, an UNAMID patrol team from Kutum managed to enter the Fata Borno IDP camp, and, recovered the remains of nine people and found up 20 injured people. The Mission’s FPU evacuated the injured by road to the Kutum team site where, they were admitted at the Level-1 hospital overnight for stabilization and further assessment.

Upon the request of the Government UNAMID dispatched an Air Medical Team to Kutum to stabilize and evacuate 13 critically injured individuals to El Fasher.

The Mission continues to closely work with the relevant authorities at the local, State and federal levels to restore calm and prevent further eruptions of violence in its area of responsibility.