UNAMID Convoy Ambushed in West Darfur

1 Dec 2008

UNAMID Convoy Ambushed in West Darfur

8 January, 2008 -- A UNAMID Supplies convoy was attacked last night, 7 January 2008, at approximately 2200 Hrs, on its way from Umm Baru to Tine in Western Darfur.

The road convoy was on a re-supply mission to UNAMID team sites in the area between Um Baru, Tine and Kulbus, an area which has witnessed violent clashes between the government of Sudan and rebel movements and where UNAMID air operations have been restricted due to the security concerns.
Initial reports suggest that a Sudanese civilian driver suffered seven shots and is in a critical condition.

He has already been evacuated from the site, 2 Km from Tine, and brought to UNAMID headquarters in El Fasher. UNAMID did not return fire and no UNAMID casualties were incurred during the attack.

A diesel truck and a UNAMID Armed Personnel Carrier were also damaged.

UNAMID is currently maintaining a High state of alert. Investigation of the incident is underway and the UNAMID leadership is in direct consultations and discussion with Sudanese authorities in Khartoum and El Fasher over the matter.