UNAMID and Partners Discuss Darfur Water Investment Plan

6 Nov 2016

UNAMID and Partners Discuss Darfur Water Investment Plan

On 26 October 2016, UNAMID, the African Development Bank (AfDB), and the Sudan Department of Water Corporation participated in a consultative workshop in Khartoum, Sudan, to discuss the draft Darfur Water Investment Plan meant to address rehabilitation of water and sanitation structures in Darfur.

The workshop, held in line with the completion of the Darfur Water Project for Conflict Resolution and Peace Building, is an outcome of an assessment initiated by UNAMID, in 2010, in support of the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD). In this assessment, the Mission indicated that water scarcity is one of the main causes of disputes between competing communities in Darfur.

The workshop focused on identifying the means to operationalize the Darfur Water Investment Plan to ensure that it creates opportunities to address water concerns which form part of the root causes of inter-communal conflicts in Darfur. Participants stressed the importance of addressing water problems which would in turn not only improve security and peaceful coexistence amongst communities but create an enabling environment for sustainable development in the region.

The Water Project, funded by the AfDB for 3.3 million Euros, will support major water-related facilities in the five Darfur states, and enhance maintenance structures in villages and localities, including the conduct of the Darfur Water Investment Plan study.

Various stakeholders participated in the workshop, including the North Darfur Minister of Finance and Planning, Mr. Mohamed Yahiya, who also represented the Wali (Governor) of the state; the Resident Representative of the AfDB, Dr. Abdul Kamara, and UNAMID Deputy Joint Special Representative-Protection, Ms Bintou Keita.

Addressing workshop participants, Mr. Yahiya stressed the critical need for the provision of basic social services as a way of consolidating peace-building efforts and promoting peace. “We are conscious of the fact that the return of the internally displaced persons to their places of origin, is incumbent upon the provision of basic social services such as water, sanitation, schools and clinics,” Mr. Yahiya added.

On his part, AfDB Resident Representative, Dr. Kamara, highlighted UNAMID’s effective role in the region, noting that the fact that UNAMID is deployed in Darfur provides a level of comfort to all concerned, especially when submitting and defending the project before potential financial supporters.

UNAMID implements various peace-building projects across Darfur and contributes to creating a secure environment for the implementation of such activities by its components and its partners.