UN Volunteers bring water relief and hope to Darfuri villages

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12 Jul 2011

UN Volunteers bring water relief and hope to Darfuri villages

UNAMID’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Section, represented by Ioan-Vadim Dobrea, a UN Volunteer from Romania working as a DDR Officer, was guest of honor for the celebration of the opening of a basic school in Arari village, North Darfur. The project was born on 26 July 2009 when North Sudan DDR Commission (NSDDRC), with the support of UNAMID, carried out a demobilization exercise in the locality.

As a result, 32 children associated with armed movements from Sudanese Liberation Army/Free will (SLA/FW) were released and started their reintegration into society; back then, the NSDDRC, community leaders and the Ministry of Education agreed to support the community by expanding the existing school in the village through Quick Impact Project (QIP) developed by the Government of Sudan, UNICEF and UNAMID. In the support of the project, UNAMID provided 100,000 liters of water for molding bricks for the new school.

Now that the project has been finalized, an Opening Ceremony was held on 19 June 2011. UNAMID was invited to participate along with the representatives of the State, UNICEF and NSDDRC high officials.

Ioan-Vadim Dobrea, UN volunteer working as a DDR Officer was in charge of coordinating UNAMID’s participation in this event, taking care of logistics and making sure that the truck with potable water arrived to Arari Village in perfect conditions to distribute among the community and also bonding with Darfuri children, to whom we all expect our contributions reach out to. 

Arari’s community receiving potable water at the event organized by UNAMID’s DDR Section.