JSR Adada receives Darfur Consortium report

1 Dec 2008

JSR Adada receives Darfur Consortium report

28 July 2008 -- The Joint AU-UN Special Representative (JSR) for Darfur, Mr. Rodolphe Adada today received a report titled “Putting People First,” which was compiled by the Darfur Consortium, which groups more than 50 African-based and Africa-focused NGOs working to promote a just, peaceful and sustainable end to the Darfur crisis. The report examined the challenges facing UNAMID in the implementation of its mandate.

Although the report is being closely studied by UNAMID, Mr. Adada’s first reaction has been to express his appreciation to the Darfur Consortium for the effort in producing such a report.

The JSR concurred with the report on its major findings, especially the critical shortages UNAMID continues to face in the area of troops, personnel, equipment and logistics.

He thanked the Consortium for adding its voice to that of UNAMID’s leadership in urging the international community to live up to its commitments and facilitate the Mission to implement its mandate.

Adada said that despite the difficulties it faces, UNAMID continues to do everything it can to fulfil its tasks and provide as much protection possible for the people of Darfur, humanitarian workers and for its own personnel.

In particular, he mentioned the recently launched air patrols by UNAMID Police in addition to the night patrols, firewood patrols and other regular patrols already being carried out by the Mission.

He cited the recent attack on peacekeepers at Um Hakibah in which the force lost seven peacekeepers as some of the dangers that the peacekeepers face in their work. But this, he said has not dampened the resolve of UNAMID to fulfil its mandate.