UNAMID Radio Unit has been broadcasting its radio programmes around Darfur since July 2011.Two of its flagship programmes are the Voice of Children; a weekly magazine style radio programme that is produced and presented by children aged 9 to 15 years old, and Yala Nebni Darfur (Lets Build Darfur); one-hour-magazine style radio programme focusing on themes related to UNAMID mandate. Both of these radio programmes are broadcast on radio Al Salaam 98.0 FM in Khartoum and 7.2MHz, 41 Meter Band SW in Darfur every day from 08:30 to 09:30 and from 14:00 to 15:00.

The radio unit has recently launched its new magazine programme, UNAMID Today, a 30 minute radio programme that highlights the Mission’s activities and human interest stories in Darfur. The programme is broadcast  on El Fasher radio, 95 FM and 801 AM every day from 9:30 to 10:00. 

The radio programmes are broadcast in Arabic.

  • Yall Nebni Darfur, Vol 1.14, December 2017-Culture

    This programme is about a profile of the King of Salamat tribe and the custom, culture and traditional mechanisms used for resolving problems. 

  • Yalla Nebni Darfur, Vol 1.13, December 2017-Peacebuilding

    This programme is about how UNAMID’s DDR Section assist women and youth to improve manual skills in El-Geneina in West Darfur.

  • Yalla Nebni Darfur, Vol 1.12, December 2017- Women & Children

    This programme is about health problems among the children and services provided by the Health Center, to the children in Changil Tobaya.

  • Yalla Nebni Darfur, Vol 1.11, December 2017-Peacebuilding

    This programme is about the efforts between UNAMID and the Commissioner of Netega in South Darfur to support and solve problems which face the IDPs in the area.

  • Yalla Nebni Darfur, Vol 1.10, December 2017-Peacebuilding

    This programme is about collaboration with Plan Sudan and UNAMID on how to tackle the problem of lack of drinking water in Muhageria Locality in South Darfur

  • Voice of Children, Vol 1.9, December 2017- Education

    This programme is about the role of family and importance of educating their children.

  • Yalla Nebni Darfur, Vol 1.8, December 2017-Health

    This programme is about hygiene Awareness training organized for women in North Darfur, and how aid workers convince parents and families to bring their kids for vaccination against child diseases.

  • Yalla Nebni Darfur, Vol 1.7, December 2017-Women & Children

    This programme is about the role of El-Mahasin Association of Culture on how they support Darfur Culture

  • Yalla Nebni Darfur, Vol 1.6, December 2017-Economic

    This programme is about how the craft, making as basis of stability in Mellit in North Darfur. Handicrafts are a wonderful way to add beauty to life. And when it comes to crafts grounded in traditional Darfurian arts that are handcrafted by skilled artisans and craftspeople. 

  • Yalla Nebni Darfur, Vol 1.5, December 2017-Peacebuilding

    This programme is about the handover of multi-purpose hall built by UNAMID for the Judiciary Court in El-Geneina, West Darfur