AU, UN & GoS tripartite meeting held in Khartoum

1 Dec 2008

AU, UN & GoS tripartite meeting held in Khartoum

7 October 2008 -- The AU, UN, GoS tripartite committee for the deployment of the hybrid operation in Darfur has today launched its first meeting at the Sudanese Foreign Affairs Ministry in Khartoum.

Leading the tripartite committee delegations were the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security Ramtane Lamamra, the UN Under-Secretary-General for field support, Ms Susana Malcorra and for the Government of Sudan, Major-General Magzub Rahama El-Badawi. The AU/UN Joint Special Representative, Rodolphe Adada took part in the meeting.

The tripartite committee was established as a result of consultations that took place between the three parties on the fringes of the AU recent summit in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt to review the deployment of the hybrid force and to outline practical solutions to the challenges facing the operation.

In their opening remarks, the three parties reiterated their commitment to take every possible step to speed up the deployment, guided by the spirit of partnership to achieve this goal.

The three parties further discussed all pending issues relating to the deployment and have agreed on a set of concrete measures to facilitate the deployment of UNAMID.

Briefing the press, UN Under-Secretary-General Malcorra said she was here with the AU Commissioner for peace and security and the JSR to discuss with GoS details concerning the logistical aspects of the deployment of the hybrid operation and actions required to ensure an expeditious and effective deployment. "The challenges are very high and so we do request the support of GoS without which we cannot achieve this objective" she added.

On his part, Lamamra expressed hope that" the conclusions reached at today’s meeting would be fully implemented in order to see real changes on the ground and to realize our ultimate goals of peace and stability in Darfur ."

In his turn, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ambassador Ali Al Sadiq described the meeting as cordial, pointing out that" the three parties have been working as partners and that they are determined to accomplish their common mission."