31 July 2008 -- JSR Adada recieves NGO report on unavailability of helicopters for UNAMID

1 Dec 2008

31 July 2008 -- JSR Adada recieves NGO report on unavailability of helicopters for UNAMID

UNAMID Press Release
31 July 2008




Al Fasher, 31st July, 2008: Mr. Rodolphe Adada, UNAMID’s Joint Special Representative (JSR), has reviewed a report released today, endorsed by 36 International NGOs working on Darfur. The report, which focused mainly on the unavailability of helicopters to UNAMID (The African Union – United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur), has been strongly supported by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Lakhdar Brahimi, President Jimmy Carter and Graca Machel, a group of eminent personalities known as the Elders, who met with the JSR during their last visit to Darfur.

Commenting on the report, Mr. Adada expressed thanks to its authors for their in-depth research on the possibility of obtaining helicopters worldwide for UNAMID. He also welcomed all the voices that urged the International Community to live up to the promises it has already made, but has yet to fulfill. The Joint Special Representative pointed out that, in the aftermath of the ambush earlier this month of a Peacekeeping convoy in the village Um Hakibah, during which 7 Peacekeepers lost their lives and 22 were injured, UNAMID is even more determined to carry out its mission in Darfur. Mr. Adada said UNAMID calls for the support the International Community has already agreed upon.

The Joint Special Representative also expressed his appreciation to the Elders, for adding their voices of wisdom to this crucial report. The Elders called upon leaders worldwide to “exercise leadership and mobilize the political will to immediately make helicopters and other vital equipment available to UNAMID in order to save lives in Darfur”.

Mr. Adada reiterated that UNAMID is committed to its mission and will continue to carry out its mandate as much as possible, while striving to build its capacity to the levels mandated by the International Community, as UNAMID faces shortages of troops, personnel and equipment.

The 32-page report was released on UNAMID’s first anniversary since it was established by the UN Security Council, when it unanimously adopted Resolution 1769 authorizing the deployment of the Darfur Peacekeeping Mission on 31st July 2007.


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