23 September 2008 -- UNAMID conducts security coordination workshop

1 Dec 2008

23 September 2008 -- UNAMID conducts security coordination workshop

African Union- United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) today conducted a training workshop on security coordination for senior and medium level management officers from the Sudanese Police, National Security and Military Intelligence on the mission’s mandate, the Status of Forces Agreement, the host government’s responsibilities and on understanding the United Nations Security management System.

In his opening remarks to the participants of the workshop, UNAMID Principal Deputy Joint Special Representative (PDJSR) Mr. Henry Anyidoho, expressed the mission’s pleasure and satisfaction for the opportunity where security experts from the Government of Sudan and UNAMID sit together to discuss the details of operational security procedures that both sides deal with on a daily basis.

“This was our plan for long to share more information with our partners in the government. We strongly believe that sharing and understanding of UN security mechanisms and guidelines by our friends would help them secure the UN staff and property,” Mr. Anyidoho said.

The PDJSR underlined that the primary responsibility for the security and protection of UN staff members and property rests with the host government, which is Sudan in this case, adding that such responsibility flows from every government’s normal and inherent function of maintaining law and order and protecting persons and property within its jurisdiction.

Chief of the Sudanese Police Force in North Darfur, General Ahmad Atta Al Mannan Othman, expressed his government’s appreciation to the UNAMID initiative and asserted his Force’s full support of UNAMID’s mandate and the police’s strong commitment to cooperate with UNAMID. He added that since there was one common goal that UNAMID and the government aim to reach, which is peace in Darfur, then both sides should work hand-in-hand to achieve that goal. He called on UNAMID to build the capacity of the police by conducting more training and by laying the right grounds for security training infrastructure.

General Othman tackled the issue of traffic accidents committed by UNAMID staff and called upon the mission to find a just way of compensation for those affected. He further suggested that insurance companies contracted by UNAMID open firms in Darfur.

Head of the National Security in North Darfur, General El Tayyeb, elaborated on the significance of conducting workshops and seminars between UNAMID and the security apparatus calling for delving into the details of the issues of mutual concern “although they say the devil is in the details,” he exclaimed.

The one-day workshop, which is the first of its kind, was conducted at the Police HQ in the city of Al Fasher.