14 January, 2008 - Attacked UNAMID convoy completes trip back to base

1 Dec 2008

14 January, 2008 - Attacked UNAMID convoy completes trip back to base

UNAMID Press Release No/03/2008
14 January, 2008

  Attacked UNAMID convoy completes trip back to base

A soldier from the joint United Nations-African Union (UNAMID) peacekeeping force in Sudan's Darfur region examines a fuel tanker hit by an RPG during an ambush on one of its convoys last week between Um Baru and Tine, January 13, 2008. UNAMID Photo/David Manyua El Fasher / N. Darfur - The UN-AU hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) supply convoy that left El Fasher to supply food and fuel rations in Southern Darfur returned to El Fasher yesterday.

Addressing the peacekeepers, who participated in the supply convoy, at the Mission’s Headquarters, yesterday, UNAMID’s Deputy Force Commander, Major General Emmanuel Karenzi commended them for successfully accomplishing their assignment despite the challenges.

General Karenzi who regretted the attack incident on the convoy, stated that such challenges are always associated with peacekeeping operations and charged them to remain resolute in the pursuit of the mission’s mandate.

The DFC stressed that UNAMID will continue to organize supply convoys as part of its operations, adding that lessons learnt during the first outing will be used to improve on the mission’s performance.
General Karenzi advised the peacekeepers to use the supply convoy as a window to interact with the local population and as an opportunity to gaining their support and confidence.

A total of 87 peacekeepers took part in the supply convoy. All have returned safely to El Fasher.

The UNAMID supply convoy, which left El Fasher on January 5, 2008, to deliver food and fuel rations to locations in Um Baru, Tine and Kutum, was attacked on 7 January, two kilometers from Tine by elements of GOS soldiers.
The U.N. Security Council has formally condemned the attack, and threatened action against any party obstructing the peace process. The Council warned that any attack or threat against the peacekeepers is unacceptable, and welcomed the Sudanese government's offer to conduct a joint investigation of the incident with the United Nations and African Union.

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