13th meeting of the Implementation Follow-up Commission of the Doha Document Convenes in Qatar

12 Jul 2018

13th meeting of the Implementation Follow-up Commission of the Doha Document Convenes in Qatar

  1. On 11 July  2018, the Government of the State of Qatar hosted the 13th meeting of the Implementation Follow up Commission (IFC) of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Doha, Qatar. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Mutlaq Majed Alqahtani, Special Envoy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Counterterrorism, Mediation and Conflict resolution of the State of Qatar. It was attended by members of the IFC including the Government of Sudan represented by Dr. Amin Hassan Omar and Dr. Magdi Khalafallah, National Liberation Justice Party (NLJP), Liberation Justice Party (LJP), Justice and Equality Movement- Sudan (JEM-Sudan) and Sudan Liberation Army/Movement- Second revolution. Other members of the IFC that attended the meeting included the acting Resident Representative /Country Director UNDP, Selva Ramachandran, representatives of the League of Arab States, the United Kingdom, European Union and the United States of America.


  2. On behalf of the secretariat of the IFC, the UNAMID Joint Special Representative / Joint Chief Mediator (JSR/JCM), Jeremiah Kingsley Mamabolo presented a progress report on the implementation of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) and provided an update on the peace process.


  3. Having adopted the executive summary of the minutes of the 12th IFC, the meeting considered the progress report and concluded as follows:


  1. There is need to reinvigorate the implementation of the residual issues of the DDPD.
  2. The meeting also made an appeal to the international community to support the much-needed stabilization and development in Darfur in order to bring relief to the population, particularly now that there is relative peace and calm after a prolonged war that brought about a lot of misery and pain.
  3. The meeting recognized and appreciated the efforts of the Government of Sudan in the collection of arms, an endeavor that has contributed to a reasonable extent in creating an environment of the current relative stability.
  4. The meeting also recognized that in order to revitalize interests in the support for the DDPD, it is important to have meetings of the IFC at regular intervals. This has become even more urgent considering the decision of the AU and the UN to speed up UNAMID’s exit from Darfur. In this regard, UNAMID was urged to coordinate the convening of a meeting of all IFC partners for a review of the modalities of implementation that will reinvigorate the implementation of the DDPD.
  5. The meeting called on all negotiating parties (Government of Sudan, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM Gibril) and Sudan Liberation Army/Movement- Minni Minawi (SLA/M-MM) to speed up and finalize the ongoing negotiations that will lead to a permanent cessation of hostilities agreement. The meeting also called on Abdul Wahid Noor to reconsider his position of continuing the conflict and for him to engage in peaceful negotiations


  1. The meeting in applauding the efforts of the State of Qatar, welcomed the new Chairperson of the IFC, Dr. Mutlaq Majed Alqahtani and appreciated the role played by the former Chairperson, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Deputy Prime Minister of Qatar and Foreign Minister. In this regard, the meeting expressed thanks and appreciation to the Emir, State and people of Qatar for their relentless efforts in the pursuit of peace in Darfur.


  1. The meeting also expressed appreciation for the role of UNAMID in facilitating the DDPD implementation and the peace process.


  1. The next IFC meeting will be held in November. The Venue and the date will be announced in due course.