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English  |  العربية 21:28:46, Wednesday, 20 Aug 2014
 Photo story - Youth Day
Selma Ahmed, 12 years old from Korma, North Darfur, is pictured with her school book in the Abu Shouk IDP camp. Photo by Albert González Farran
 Press Releases
UNAMID concerned about security raids in South Darfur, takes mitigating measures
14 August 2014 — The African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) is concerned about the security raids, recently conducted by the Government of Sudan on internally displaced people (IDP) camps in Nyala and surrounding localities in South Darfur; due to their possible impact on the civilian population. The Mission has taken measures to mitigate the impact of such operations on the civilian population of these camps.
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Opening remarks by UNAMID JSR/JCM Mohamed Ibn Chambas to the media
Khartoum, 11 August 2014 - It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to this press conference today. The last one was quite a while ago (January 2014).  We should do this more often and I hope to invite you next to our Mission headquarters in El Fasher.
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Near verbatim transcript of Q&As session at the JSR press conference
Near verbatim transcript of the question and answers session at the press conference held by UNAMID JSR Mohamed Ibn Chambas in Khartoum on 11 August 2014.
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 News features
UNAMID Continues to Assist Humanitarian Actors in Darfur

The decade-long conflict in Darfur has resulted in thousands of people being displaced from their homes and villages across the region. Most seek shelter in camps for the internally displaced; these camps lack basic amenities such as food, water, shelter and access to proper sanitation as well as healthcare. Humanitarian aid, thus, becomes a crucial need for the displaced populations.   

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UNAMID Protecting Civilians in Khor Abeche
As one example of UNAMID’s ongoing efforts to protect civilians across Darfur, the Mission has been working directly with the displaced community in Khor Abeche, South Darfur, to help ensure their safety. The residents of Khor Abeche had suffered a series of attacks by armed groups, forcing thousands of people either to flee the area altogether or to seek refuge near UNAMID’s base.
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 Daily Activities
UNAMID Continues to Cooperate with Judicial Systems in Darfur

On 11 August 2014, UNAMID’s Rule of Law Section Chief, Ms. Francoise Simard, met with the judicial authorities in Nyala, South Darfur, to explore ways of cooperation in advancing issues related to rule of law.

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UNAMID supports education in West Darfur
On 5 August 2014, the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) officially handed over three classrooms at the Al Riyadh primary school in El Geneina, West Darfur. The project, designed to improve the school facilities and provide a conducive learning environment, was constructed as part of the Mission’s quick impact projects (QIPs) and implemented by UNAMID Police in collaboration with a local nongovernmental organization, Islamic Relief Agency.
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UNAMID Organizes Football Tournament in Darfur during Ramadan
UNAMID, in collaboration with the local ministries of Youth and Sport, launched the Ramadan Football Tournament in different parts of Darfur. The tournament brings together teams from different communities across the region and celebrates peaceful coexistence during the holy month of Ramadan. The month-long event is targeted at enhancing the role of sport in disseminating the culture of peace across the region; it concluded last Thursday in El Fasher, North Darfur.
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 Photo of the Week
Two women are pictured attempting to cross a waterlogged road. The recent spate of heavy rainfall has affected most parts of the town, including markets and residential areas. Photo by Mohamad Almahady, UNAMID.