Photo of the Day- 22 April 2021

22 April; UNAMID handed over its Team Site in Nertiti, Central Darfur to the Government of Sudan, in the presence of the Wali of Central Darfur, representatives from the Government’s Joint Taskforce, local officials, Zalingei University, the Nertiti community and UNAMID staff. The Central Darfur Government and the Government’s Joint Taskforce reconfirmed their commitment to ensure civilian end-use of the former Nertiti Team Site which will be used as Forests College at the Zalingei University and Industrial School. The handover documents were signed by Mr. Luke Mhlaba, Mission Chief of Staff on behalf of UNAMID and Dr. Adeeb Abdulrahman, Governor (Wali) of Central Darfur State, signed on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Sudan. Photo by Salah Mohammed, UNAMID.